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IBCR28D2(Innovex Bottle cooler 279L)

Rs. 138,920Rs. 150,900

FC-39DD4HHA - Hisense 303L Chest Freezer

Rs. 230,530Rs. 259,900

RS06DR4SA - Hisense 39L Single Door Mini Bar Refrigerator

Rs. 45,050Rs. 49,900

DDR-195 Innovex Direct Cool Refrigerator Double Door 180L

Rs. 80,500Rs. 100,900

IDR - 240 Innovex Direct Cool Refrigerator 240Ltr

Rs. 89,310Rs. 111,900

DDN-240 ( Refrigerator )

Rs. 109,400Rs. 136,900

INR - 240L Innovex Inverter Refrigerator 250L

Rs. 115,900Rs. 144,900

IDR - 180SB Innovex Direct Cool Refrigerator 180Ltr

Rs. 75,990Rs. 87,900

LG Refrigerator (LGK272SLBB) 260L

Rs. 163,630Rs. 216,990

Refrigerator & Washing Machine Stand Normal

Rs. 2,180Rs. 2,800

SI ECO-192 WR(Refrigerator) 185L

Rs. 86,450Rs. 104,999

SI-ECO-192 Silver Refrigerator

Rs. 86,450Rs. 104,999

SI-ECO-192 (Red/Blue) Refrigerator

Rs. 86,450Rs. 104,999

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