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Buble-450ml(Taiko vacuum flask)

Rs. 1,240Rs. 1,510

Qatari-1300ml(Taiko Vacuum Flask)

Rs. 2,370Rs. 2,880

ARC-230ml(Taiko Vacuum Flask)

Rs. 980Rs. 1,200

Camel-3200ml(Taiko Vacuum Flask)

Rs. 4,060Rs. 5,200

Peach-450ml(Taiko Vacuum flask)

Rs. 1,140Rs. 1,500

Ozone fry pan 180mm

Rs. 1,620Rs. 2,000

Ozone fry pan 220mm

Rs. 2,080Rs. 2,700

Ozone fry pan 260mm

Rs. 2,200Rs. 2,800

EK-3820(Electronic Kitchen Scale 10Kg - LHKS66)

Rs. 980Rs. 1,400

BR-2016(CAMRY BR2016 Mechanical personal SCALE)

Rs. 2,280Rs. 3,100

EB-9061(Camry Electronic Bathroom Scale)

Rs. 2,540Rs. 3,400

Gas Regulator(Plastic Regulator with meter)

Rs. 1,150Rs. 1,500

BR-10F180 Bright Trible Cup Flask 1800ML

Rs. 2,530Rs. 3,200

KENT-750 - Taiko Stainles Steel Vacuum Flask-750ml

Rs. 1,710Rs. 2,100

KENT-1000 - Taiko Stainles Steel Vacuum Flask-1000ml

Rs. 1,730Rs. 2,100

Taiko Nonstick Hopper Pan 2.0MM

Rs. 1,570Rs. 2,000

Taiko Hopper pan 2.6MM

Rs. 1,690Rs. 2,200

SKFC - 751 - 20 Saikon Fry Pan 200mm

Rs. 1,770Rs. 2,160

Mini Vegetable Cutter

Rs. 1,480Rs. 1,900

Soap Pump & Sponge Caddy

Rs. 440Rs. 600

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