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OZEK-162(Ozone Electric kettle 1.8L 1500w)

Rs. 3,220Rs. 4,100

Ozone fry pan 180mm

Rs. 1,620Rs. 2,000

Ozone fry pan 220mm

Rs. 2,080Rs. 2,700

Ozone fry pan 260mm

Rs. 2,200Rs. 2,800

IB-002 Iron Board

Rs. 3,390Rs. 4,300

OZWF-180 Ozone Wall Fan 16

Rs. 8,550Rs. 11,000

OZTF-178 Ozone Table Fan 16

Rs. 7,830Rs. 10,000

OZSB-001B - Ozone Dry iron 1000W

Rs. 2,270Rs. 2,900

Master rack - Steel Heavy kitchen rack

Rs. 5,350Rs. 6,400

Super Rack - Steel Heavy kitchen rack

Rs. 5,345Rs. 6,000

OZRC-404 Ozone Rice Cooker 1.8L Rice Cooker

Rs. 8,420Rs. 10,700

OZRC-407 Ozone Rice Cooker 2.2L

Rs. 10,300Rs. 13,200

OZWD - 704E Water Dispenser

Rs. 17,600Rs. 22,300

Baby Walker With Music

Rs. 5,750Rs. 7,000

OZSI-204 (Steam Iron)

Rs. 2,420Rs. 3,100

OZSF-176 (16inch Stand Fan)

Rs. 9,290Rs. 11,800

OZSF - 176R ( Stand Fan With Remote )

Rs. 10,310Rs. 13,100

OZWF-182R (18inch Wall Fan )

Rs. 10,070Rs. 12,400

Foluda Glass Set -6PCS

Rs. 2,200Rs. 2,670

Cup Only HIRUI (6PCS)

Rs. 1,650Rs. 2,100

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