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LHRC65(Kawashi Rice Cooker 1.8L)

Rs. 8,120Rs. 10,300

LHSM-08(Kawashi Sandwich maker 750W)

Rs. 2,930Rs. 3,800

LHBO22 (Kawashi Blender 1.5L)

Rs. 6,770Rs. 8,600

LHGC-40 (Kawashi One Burner Gascooker)

Rs. 2,540Rs. 3,300

LHGC-42 (Kawashi 2 Burner Gascooker)

Rs. 4,490Rs. 5,700

EK-3820(Electronic Kitchen Scale 10Kg - LHKS66)

Rs. 980Rs. 1,400

LHIB-64 (Kawashi 1200W Dry iron)

Rs. 2,360Rs. 3,000

LHOV25(Kawashi 25L electric oven 1600W)

Rs. 17,530Rs. 22,200

LHOV30(Kawashi 30L electric oven 1600W)

Rs. 19,170Rs. 24,500

BR-2016(CAMRY BR2016 Mechanical personal SCALE)

Rs. 2,280Rs. 3,100

EB-9061(Camry Electronic Bathroom Scale)

Rs. 2,540Rs. 3,400

LHKT-84 Kawashi Kenko Electric Kettle 1.8L - 1500W

Rs. 3,620Rs. 4,600

LHKT-83 Kawashi Electric Kettle 3L

Rs. 1,560Rs. 2,000

LHKT-82 Kawashi Electric Kettle 2.5L

Rs. 1,760Rs. 2,300

LHKT-81 Kawashi Electric Kettle 2L

Rs. 1,550Rs. 2,000

LHPC-14 Kawashi Pressure Cooker 5L

Rs. 4,710Rs. 6,000

LHOV-16 Kawashi 16L Mictro Oven

Rs. 14,180Rs. 18,100

LHIB-65 - kawashi steam iron 1600W

Rs. 2,720Rs. 3,500

LHIB-67 - Kawashi heavy iron 1000W

Rs. 3,750Rs. 4,800

LHGC 41 - Kawashi single burner gas cooker

Rs. 2,540Rs. 3,300

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