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DDB-003 (Daxer plastic dustbin)

Rs. 310Rs. 400

Paddlebin Delux (Phoenix plastic dustbin)

Rs. 4,090Rs. 5,895

Storage box-100Lt(Phoenix plastic storage box 100L)

Rs. 8,850Rs. 13,100

Storage box-12LT(Phoenix Plastic Storage box 12L)

Rs. 1,960Rs. 2,410

Under Bed Storage Box phoenix

Rs. 5,410Rs. 8,015

DDB-002 (Daxer Plastic Dustbin)

Rs. 860Rs. 1,130

DDB-001 (Daxer Plastic Dustbin)

Rs. 310Rs. 400

DDB-004 (Daxer Plastic Dustbin)

Rs. 310Rs. 400

DLRB-002(daxer plastic laundry basket)

Rs. 450Rs. 570

Flora container-3PCS

Rs. 800Rs. 1,100

Flora container-5PCS

Rs. 1,100Rs. 1,500

Flora container-7PCS

Rs. 2,310Rs. 3,000

Flora Container 11L

Rs. 730Rs. 1,000

Flora Container 7.5L

Rs. 650Rs. 900

Flora Container 5.2L

Rs. 480Rs. 700

Mini Onion Basket

Rs. 190Rs. 230

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