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RH-3528 Richsonic Weight Iron 1000W

Rs. 4,200Rs. 5,400

BR-1259 Bright (Dry Iron) 1200W

Rs. 4,050Rs. 5,200

KDK Ceiling Fan With Safety Switch

Rs. 12,460Rs. 15,800

OZWF-180 Ozone Wall Fan 16

Rs. 8,550Rs. 11,000

RSF-009 Range Stand Fan 16

Rs. 8,230Rs. 10,500

BR-16-87 Bright Table Fan

Rs. 8,900Rs. 10,450

OZTF-178 Ozone Table Fan 16

Rs. 6,800Rs. 8,600

Trident-Telesonic 56

Rs. 16,790Rs. 21,300

Delite-Telesonic 36

Rs. 16,100Rs. 20,600

LHIB-64 (Kawashi 1200W Dry iron)

Rs. 2,060Rs. 2,600

RDI-004(Range Automatic dry iron 1400W)

Rs. 2,490Rs. 3,200

BR-8720 Bright Mosquito Swatter

Rs. 1,350Rs. 1,800

ISF-012 Innovex Heavy Duty Stand Fan 18

Rs. 16,200Rs. 18,990

BR-16-03 Bright 5Blade Pedastral Stand Fan 55W

Rs. 8,530Rs. 10,800

KSF-0116 Kundhan 5Blades Stand Fan 18

Rs. 10,450Rs. 13,300

LHIB-65 - kawashi steam iron 1600W

Rs. 2,340Rs. 3,000

LHIB-67 - Kawashi heavy iron 1000W

Rs. 3,750Rs. 4,800

ISF-010 Innovex Stand Fan 55W

Rs. 12,800Rs. 13,490

LHTB-11 Kawashi Table Fan 16

Rs. 6,900Rs. 8,800

RWF-022 Range Wall Fan 16

Rs. 8,180Rs. 10,400

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