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TAI- ION Electric kettle 1.8L 1000w)

Rs. 1,940Rs. 2,500

ARC-230ml(Taiko Vacuum Flask)

Rs. 980Rs. 1,200

TSL-103(Taiko single burner silver gas cooker)

Rs. 2,300Rs. 2,900

Cascado-120(Taiko Whistle Kettle 1.2L)

Rs. 1,390Rs. 1,800

Cascado-200 (Taiko Whistle Kettle 2L)

Rs. 1,600Rs. 2,100

Cascado-300 (Taiko Whistle Kettle 3L)

Rs. 1,890Rs. 2,400

Cascado-400 (Taiko Whistle Kettle 4L)

Rs. 2,050Rs. 2,600

Open Style fry pan 180mm

Rs. 1,570Rs. 2,000

Open Style fry pan 200mm

Rs. 1,900Rs. 2,400

IFP-20(Taiko indian fry pan 200mm)

Rs. 1,920Rs. 2,500

Raja Wall Clock

Rs. 2,980Rs. 3,630

Wall Clock-4510/4502

Rs. 3,180Rs. 3,870

Tai-Euro 2200 Taiko Rice Cooker 2.2L

Rs. 7,620Rs. 9,280

TBL-205 taiko 2Burner Gascooker

Rs. 4,430Rs. 5,700

TGL-206 Taiko 2Burner Gascooker Glasstop

Rs. 5,510Rs. 7,000

TGL-207 Taiko 2 Burner Gascooker

Rs. 5,800Rs. 7,300

TGL-222 Taiko 2Burner Gascooker

Rs. 6,800Rs. 8,800

Open style fry pan 28cm - Taiko Non Stick Fry Pan 28CM With Free Spoon

Rs. 2,350Rs. 2,840

KENT-750 - Taiko Stainles Steel Vacuum Flask-750ml

Rs. 1,850Rs. 2,400

KENT-350 - Taiko Stainles Steel Vacuum Flask-350ml

Rs. 1,360Rs. 1,800

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