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Rs. 46,270Rs. 54,900

WMDSAN-65P-Innovex Semi Auto Washing Machine 6.5Kg

Rs. 45,600Rs. 59,500

WMDFAN-60P-Innovex Fully Auto Washing Machine 6Kg

Rs. 67,100Rs. 87,500

WMIFA70S - Innovex fully Auto Washing Machine 7kg

Rs. 70,900Rs. 92,500

IAS-009 Innovex HIFI Power Audio System

Rs. 131,790Rs. 144,900

IDI-006(Innovex Heavy dry iron 1200W)

Rs. 5,100Rs. 5,490

IVC001JI(Innovex vacuum cleaner 1600W)

Rs. 17,400Rs. 18,900

IVCW002(Innovex 1200W Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner)

Rs. 27,420Rs. 28,900

IRC-286 Innovex 2.8L Rice Cooker

Rs. 9,300Rs. 9,990

ISF-012 Innovex Heavy Duty Stand Fan 18

Rs. 15,400Rs. 16,890

IMS-03 Innovex Multimedia Sound System

Rs. 8,590Rs. 8,990

ISF-164R Innovex Stand Fan

Rs. 14,420Rs. 16,990

IHM-002B Innovex Hand Mixer

Rs. 12,990Rs. 13,990

IPW-001 Innovex pressure washer

Rs. 18,310Rs. 19,900

IAC127I - Innovex 12000BTU Split Inverter Airconditioner

Rs. 223,100Rs. 249,900

IAC187I - Innovex 18000BTU inverter Airconditioner

Rs. 267,900Rs. 299,900

IAC247I - Innovex 24000BTU Inverter Airconditioner

Rs. 330,200Rs. 369,900

DDR-195 Innovex Direct Cool Refrigerator Double Door 180L

Rs. 81,020Rs. 100,900

IDR - 240 Innovex Direct Cool Refrigerator 240Ltr

Rs. 89,850Rs. 111,900

DDN-240 ( Refrigerator )

Rs. 109,920Rs. 136,900

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