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IVC001JI(Innovex vacuum cleaner 1600W)

Rs. 21,500Rs. 22,900

IVCW002(Innovex 1200W Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner)

Rs. 30,920Rs. 32,590

UNC-158 (1x1 Water Motor)

Rs. 44,380Rs. 47,645

SX 130/1(Solex single phase water pump 1

Rs. 50,130Rs. 55,250

BR-9145 Bright Rechargeable LED Torch

Rs. 1,390Rs. 1,700

BR-4044 Bright Rechargeable Lantern

Rs. 3,910Rs. 5,000

BR-1510L Bright Rechargeable LED Torch

Rs. 1,570Rs. 2,200

BR-3030 Bright Rechargeable Lantern

Rs. 6,000Rs. 7,600

AFHO-2775 - Normal Door 27 x 75 ( Door & Frame )

Rs. 11,650Rs. 13,400

APL-Roll plug 10M

Rs. 2,880Rs. 3,700

APL-Roll plug 02Metter

Rs. 1,050Rs. 1,400

APL-Roll plue 03Metter

Rs. 1,250Rs. 1,600

APL-Roll plug 05Metter

Rs. 1,680Rs. 2,200

APL-Roll plug 07Metter

Rs. 2,140Rs. 2,800

BR-9050 Bright Rechargeable Torch light

Rs. 7,800Rs. 9,900

BR-9035 Bright rechargeable Torch light

Rs. 7,200Rs. 9,200

T02 Roll Plug 5M 6Way

Rs. 1,330Rs. 1,700

BR-2203 Bright LED Bulb 3W

Rs. 260Rs. 425

BR-2207 Bright LED Bulb 7W

Rs. 460Rs. 775

BR-2209 Bright LED Bulb 9W

Rs. 540Rs. 925

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